Conference guide for all topics, discussions and activities.

8:00am Arrival and registration of delegates
8:45am Opening Remarks
    • Alice Namuli Blazevic
8:50am Remarks about ALT Network
    • Nankunda Katangaza
8:55am Remarks from Uganda Law Society
    • Simon Peter M. Kinobe
9:00am Keynote Address: The A to I of A.I
  • The Hype, Reality and Consequences of A.I and the Legal Profession
    • Craig Wing
9:45am Panel Discussion: Application of AI in Legal Practice
  • First things first - Will Artificial intelligence take our jobs?
    • Apollo Makubuya
  • Using AI as augmentation not a replacement
    • Estelle Candau
  • Case study of a tech enabled law firm - Diligen (An A.I Contract Assistant)
  • AI and governance - Impact on democracy and rule of law
    • Neil Blazevic
    • Joanna Nakabiito
10:15am Panel Discussion: Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies
  • What is blockchain? Is it different from Cryptos? And how is it relevant to my legal practice?
    • Natalie Scott
  • Blockchain in Uganda - Is it fiction or fact
    • Kwame Rugunda
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's): Are we ready?
    • Noah Baalesanvu
  • Registration of land on the Blockchain
    • Edgar Mwambutsa
11:15am Panel discussion: Enhancing access to Justice using A.I and Blockchain Technology
  • Court management system on the Blockchain using A.I
    • Alessandro Palombo
  • Alternative dispute resolution on the blockchain
    • Federico Ast
  • E-Court Management Systems are we there yet?
    • David Kaggwa
12:15pm Panel discussion: Big Data, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity
  • Data Protection and Privacy Law
    • Linda Bonyo
    • Herculs Bizure
  • Cybersecurity
    • Olukayode Osunsan
    • Stewart Picken
    • Michael Felix Ngugi
  • With the advent of Uber, SafeBoda, AirBnB: How safe is our data in light of Data Protection and Privacy Act
    • Silver Kayondo
1:15pm Panel discussion: Regulating the legal practice of the 21st Century, skills & talent management
  • Is Law Council Ready?
    • Fredrick Ssempebwa
  • Benchmark in Europe and North America
    • Nankunda Katangaza
  • Practical plans to train the future lawyer
  • New Legal Educators - Legal tech institutions of learning, innovation hubs
  • Skill training and talent management for the young talent
    • CK Japheth
2:00pm Lunch Break
2:45pm Panel discussion: Innovation and Intellectual Property and regulating for growth
  • Use of Blockchain and AI to register intellectual property rights
    • Jane Frances Akiteng
  • How to protect the innovation eco-system
    • Kenneth Muhangi
  • Regulating innovation without impeding growth
3:30pm Panel Discussion: Taxation of Digital Assets
    • Doris Akol
4:15pm Legal Tech Pitch Competition
5:00pm Panel Discussion: Perspective of young professionals on the impact of Disruptive technology
  • The business edge in automation: AI is a friend of the firm not an enemy
    • Alfred Habaasa
  • Robots, Drones, Automation, IOT, Big Data
    • Leonard Businge
  • Fintechs, Healthcare, Agrictech, Edutech etc
    • Doreen Nawali
  • Cryptocurrencies , Digital Assets on the Blockchain
    • Patrick Mugalula
  • AI expert witnesses in court proceedings
    • Ivan Ojakol
  • What does a lawyer need to navigate the changes in the industry?
    • Jeremy Buyi
5:30pm Closing Keynote: Law in The Digital Age
  • Some Tips For Legal Professionals.
    • Mark A. Cohen